Our firm follows an elaborate post closing follow up with the client. Our case management software allows us to calendar important dates in the future with the preprogrammed “touch of a button.” I got the idea for this when a client of mine from many years before was lamenting how she had paid for college and gotten no help from the father. I told her, “I could have gotten him to help with that if I had only known.” She said, “well, I didn’t know to ask you.” I decided no client of mine would ever have that happen again. I also decided that post divorce follow up was a good way of staying in contact with the large body of people who had already made the decision to hire me. Some examples of dates we calendar are:
  • Thirty day check–we call clients 30 days after their divorce to see how they are doing.
  • Yearly anniversary check--The anniversary check is designed to keep the client aware of their rights and to ensure that problems can be fixed or contempts filed or modifications obtained where necessary.
  • Lump sum alimony payments
  • Termination of rehabilitative alimony
  • College approaching
  • Birthdays of client and children (we send cards)
  • Child reaching age of majority (21 in some states, 18 or 19 in others)
  • Deadlines for sale of property
  • 6-month fraud deadline to challenge the final order--an order cannot generally be challenged after six months have passed. For example, suppose a client learns a couple of months after the entry of the final order, that their former spouse had won the lottery and concealed that from them. If this is to be brought before the court, it generally must be raised within 6 months. So, we send a letter to each client five months after their divorce, warning them of this deadline.
Our “post divorce follow up” is performed at no additional charge to the value priced fixed fee we charged for the initial work.
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