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File for Divorce in Jackson, MS

Understanding Divorce Law in Mississippi

In Mississippi, you have two main divorce options: with grounds or on the basis of irreconcilable differences.

With the first approach, sometimes referred to as a “fault” divorce, you must have grounds to file for divorce against your spouse. Adultery, abandonment, and drunkenness are examples of valid grounds for divorce in Mississippi. One can only force the other party to divorce with proof of fault grounds.

With the second approach, you and your spouse can agree to divorce without the necessity of alleging fault or providing grounds for the divorce. With an irreconcilable differences, or “no-fault” divorce, you and your spouse must be in agreement that you want to divorce.

No matter the approach you take in your divorce, Jackson divorce attorney, Mark Chinn is here for you. He has 40 years of legal experience and is committed to using his talent and experience empower his clients to lead the lives they want to live. At Chinn & Associates, we believe that divorce may end a marriage, but it doesn’t have to end a family or ruin your future. We are here to protect your interests.

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Grounds vs. Irreconcilable Differences in a Jackson, MS Divorce

There are advantages and disadvantages to either type of divorce. The approach you take should depend on your unique situation, and our divorce lawyer in Jackson, MS can advise you of the potential impact that divorce with grounds or irreconcilable differences may have on you and your family.

To file an irreconcilable differences divorce, both spouses must not only agree to divorce in the first place but also must agree upon all of the issues to be resolved:

To file a fault-based divorce, one spouse must be able to prove that the other spouse committed one of the following grounds:

  • Adultery
  • Habitual cruel and inhuman treatment
  • Drunkenness
  • Desertions
  • Other grounds, such as drug use

Do You Need a Lawyer to File for Divorce in MS?

While there is no specific law that requires legal representation to file for a divorce, there are many benefits in doing so. Hiring a lawyer with experience is the first step in performing your due diligence. If you are not a legal expert then you may be misinterpreting state laws that are complex.

Here are additional reasons why hiring a lawyer for divorce is beneficial:

  • A lawyer can guide you on the fastest and most efficient path to finalizing your divorce

  • A lawyer can take the burden of court documents and excess paperwork off your plate

  • If your divorcing spouse has hired an attorney, then you will want to as well

  • An attorney with experience can help you achieve goals for both the short and long term

Before filing for divorce alone, call our office today to consult with our attorney. We may be able to provide you with options that you didn't even know excited.

Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First?

Many clients come to us with a great deal of worry, saying it is imperative that they “file first”, as they think there are disadvantages of filing for divorce first. This is a misplaced worry, but there are things to consider and talk about. There are reasons when one should truly, “file first.”

  1. Asset protection: If a spouse has a concern that the other spouse is about to sell or waste assets, immediate action in court may be necessary. Careful examination of the assets of the marriage is essential in the initial interview to determine what action should be taken and whether court action is necessary.
  2. Personal Protection: Sometimes there is domestic abuse which requires emergency protection from the courts.
  3. Jurisdictional fights: When two or more states might have jurisdiction over a case, the person who files first may have obtained a very important advantage.
  4. Order of proof: Whoever files first gets to go first and last in the proof part of a trial.
  5. Emotional considerations: Sometimes a person just has to strike back at the other party.

Don’t panic about the issue of filing first, but do consult with a lawyer about it.

Cost of a No-Fault Divorce in Mississippi

Cost of your divorce may vary depending on the issues and circumstances at hand. Normally, there are costs to file forms, attorney fees, and sometimes fees to have your spouse served. It is important to consult with our attorney to determine your budget and what you expect to pay.

To learn more about your rights and options in your divorce, contact a Jackson, MS at Chinn & Associates now. We are happy to answer your questions.

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