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Understanding the Ways to Divorce in Mississippi

In Mississippi, you can divorce in one of two ways: with grounds or on the basis of irreconcilable differences. With the first approach, sometimes referred to as a “fault” divorce, you must have grounds to file for divorce against your spouse. Adultery, abandonment, and drunkenness are examples of valid grounds for divorce in Mississippi. With the second approach, you and your spouse can agree to divorce without the necessity of alleging fault or providing grounds for the divorce. With an irreconcilable differences, or “no-fault” divorce, you and your spouse must be in agreement that you want to divorce. One can only force the other party to divorce with proof of fault grounds.

No matter the approach you take in your divorce, Jackson divorce attorney Mark Chinn is here for you. He has 40 years of legal experience and is committed to using his talent and experience empower his clients to lead the lives they want to live. At Chinn & Associates, we believe that divorce may end a marriage, but it doesn’t have to end a family or ruin your future. We are here to protect your interests.

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Grounds vs. Irreconcilable Differences in a Jackson, MS Divorce

There are advantages and disadvantages to either type of divorce in Mississippi. The approach you take should depend on your unique situation, and a Jackson divorce lawyer can advise you of the potential impact that divorce with grounds or irreconcilable differences may have on you and your family.

To file an irreconcilable differences divorce in Mississippi, both spouses must not only agree to divorce in the first place but also must agree upon all of the issues to be resolved:

To file a fault-based divorce, one spouse must be able to prove that the other spouse committed one of the following grounds:

  • Adultery
  • Habitual cruel and inhuman treatment
  • Drunkenness
  • Desertions
  • Other grounds, such as drug use

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Empowering & Educating Spouses

Chinn & Associates, PC's video center is filled with vital information you need to know. Our divorce videos include advice for practical issues like how to prepare for your first appointment, the basics of divorce, what constitutes irreconcilable differences, and why you need a pre-paid phone before you attempt to file a divorce. Mark Chinn has decades of experience handling family law cases exclusively, and his counsel has helped lead thousands to a better future.

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