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Comments on Mark’s Speeches around the Country


Thanks for speaking last week at the Madison County Bar Association. As always, your presentation held everyone’s attention, was informative, and entertaining. I always learn something new and useful when I hear you speak on practice management.

A Local Attorney Attendee
July 22, 2013

Dear Mr. Chinn,

On behalf of the lndiana State Bar Association, thank you for your participation at the ISBA Annual Meeting on October 24-26, 2012. The ISBA would not be able to put on quality programming without speakers who contribute their time and expertise. The ISBA sincerely appreciates your contribution to the program and we hope you will continue to support our efforts.

The feedback from the Annual Meeting was very positive. Participants greatly enjoyed “The Future of Attorney Fees” CLE Session giving especially high marks on Presenters’ Knowledge (4.92 out of 5.0) and Presenters’ Speaking Ability (4.92 out of 5.0).

Additionally, comments left by attendees included:

• This was amazing!
• Best CLE class I’ve ever attended.
• Very good subject. Great format …
• Fascinating material.
• Liked the breakouts look forward to follow up.

Again, thank you for your participation in the ISBA Annual Meeting. Your contribution helped make this a successful event. Please know how much we value your time and talents.

Cheri Harris
CLE & Special Projects Coordinator
Indiana State Bar Association
November 5, 2012

Mr. Chinn,

I didn’t get the chance to speak with you in person at the MVLP CLE at Wise Carter, but I wanted to let you know that I found your portion of the program to be particularly interesting and informative. Your approach to relationships with your clients and how you manage your practice is very motivating and inspirational to a young lawyer such as myself. I have a great deal of respect for how you have shaped your practice around one area of law with focus not only on superior results, but also on helping people through very challenging times in their lives. Again, thank you for taking the time to put together and give such a great lecture.

J.K.L., Jackson Attorney
October 27, 2011

Dear Mark…I just wanted to again thank you for a great presentation…The subject matter was extremely useful and insightful and your delivery, style, attitude and charismatic charm made the Retreat a wonderful success…I hope we can meet again and for sure you are our Man in Jackson….all the best..

Los Angeles, CA


Mark Chinn was an excellent speaker, and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to listen to him.
– Indiana Attorney

I really like Mr. Chinn. I am 63 years old I wished I had known him earlier in my career. He made the seminar a truly great experience.
– Indiana Attorney

I was a circuit judge for 13 years…and I wish I had the honor of having him try a case in my courtroom.
– Indiana Judge

Dear Mark,
I want to personally thank you for your targeted, entertaining presentations at last weekend’s Indiana Solo & Small Firm Conference.
D.J.B., Attorney
Indianapolis, Indiana

Dear Mark,

Your performance last Friday was extraordinary.

But first things first. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your accepting my request to present. Our committee’s directions changed late in the game, and we hung all of our hopes on you. You came through like a champion. Frankly you saved my bacon, just by accepting.

Then you presented like only Mark Chinn can present. Your words resonated with wisdom. They stung with the truth. All of us learned and squirmed. But you were entertaining as well. Big time.

Had you told me the evening before at our meeting that you would get 70 lawyers to all shout “Hallelujah” at once, I would have been skeptical at best. But you pulled it off. Then you played straight man with Mike Kelly, asking him perfect direct examination questions, and you let him shine.

You made history. It appears that you and your two cohorts achieved the highest evaluations in the history of ABA – FLS conferences.

Congratulations, an thank you again for a magnificent performance.

Incidentally, I happen to be writing a not using a pen from Chinn & Associates, having a mint from a neat little metal box entitled Chinn & Associates, PC, and munching on a chocolate state of Mississippi attached to your business card. I love it.

Very truly yours,
Blaine B. Johnson, Jr.
Jackson, Michigan


Congratulations on reaching your goal. I wish you continued success as a leading entrepreneur..

All the best-
J.L., Sarasota, Florida

Dear Mark,

It was a pleasure attending your seminar in Memphis. I found your discussion on law practice management to be helpful, interesting and thought provoking.

I wanted to drop you a not to let you know how much I appreciates the obvious effort that you made in preparing for that seminar and I even purchased your book.

Very truly yours,

T.D.C., Greenwich, Connecticut