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Dear Mark,

I am writing to thank you for sending me your most current book. I love it. Just like your other books, it has a ton of useful information. I have shared it wit my trustworthy paralegal of 25 years, Mrs. Bridgette Blackwell, and she loves it as well. If there is ever anything I can do for you and if you ever need help here in Winston County, please let me know as it would be my pleasure to help you in any way I can. I would also like to thank you for being a sterling example for our beloved profession. 

Sincerely yours, 
David E. Bane Jr.
November 3, 2023

Hello Mark,

I am really enjoying your book on Family Law Practice. I feel like we have a lot in common…

I appreciate your civility letter, and the attorney commitment! I came up with something similar on my own, and am a bit mind blown that I have for some reason developed my career in line with most of your recommendations/values. It is refreshing to read another perspective after needing to discover what to do through mostly trial and error. I also agree that caffeine is bad for you!

I hope the law life is treating you well. Please do recommend any further books. I have read the E-Myth Revisited about 10 times, and on Audible.

S.D. of South Africa 
August 8th, 2021

Hello Mark,

I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for sending me your book. My family law practice just celebrated its first anniversary and your books on practice management and forms have been so helpful; this one is helping me re-shape how I see the future of how I would like to represent clients.

If you ever make it to Kansas City look me up- I'd love to meet you in person.

Again, thank you for your gift, and sharing your work and talent with us all.

RRH of Kansas City, Mo 
October 8th, 2018


I wanted to thank you for the insight you offer in How to Build and Manage a Family Law Practice. I picked up your book a few months ago and reading it has given me the confidence to begin building a unique family law practice in St. Louis, Missouri. I have a vision for my clients that I hope to implement over time.

Thank you, again, for the inspiration!


Brittany D. Kozal, ESQ. 
June 15th, 2017

Hi Mark, 
Your book is fantastic. I’m only on chapter 12 and I’ve already made several large changes to my practice (conflicts check system, an ABCD client list, and informational form letters). Thank you. 
And I hope you’ll consider writing another. Speaking as a young lawyer, there needs to be more books like this out there. 
All the best,

J.S., Illinois Attorney 
November 12, 2014

First let me compliment you on your excellent books. I am an attorney in Phoenix, Arizona opening my solo practice. My practice focuses on child custody cases in which the family is facing challenges related to child abuse, neglect, abandonment or disability. I am asking every person I hire to read your book on family law practice.

J.L.K., Arizona Attorney 
May 2, 2012

Good afternoon,

We purchased your book “Forms, Checklist, and Procedures for the Family Lawyer” and enjoyed it very much.

D.S., Florida Attorney 
January 11, 2012

The Illinois Institute for Domestic Relations publishes a book called “Starting Points: The Fundamentals of Practice in Illinois.” Here is a blurb from my text:

Mark A. Chinn, an accomplished and successful family lawyer, has written a guidebook on managing a family law practice. The book, HOW TO BUILD AND MANAGE A FAMILY LAW PRACTICE (American Bar Association, 2006), is an indispensible resource for setting office policy regarding client management as well as all other aspects of running a family law practice.

Mr. Chinn,

I’ve become a big fan of yours over the last couple of years through my use of your form books. They have become a great assett and I’ve recommended everyone I talk to to pick them up. Thanks for what you do.

Chris Smith, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
August 10, 2011

Its here in Oz too Mark. The principles-and many of the practicalities- transcend all jurisdictions. So for all those Family Law lawyers ( and even non Family Law) who want to know how to value price go on Mark’s website and get it

and whilst in a purchasing mode the bible of all value pricing books Ron Baker’s latest

John Chisholm, Melbourne, Australia 
July 8, 2011

I have it too – very practical advice. Thanks Mark – you should Value Price it!

Thomas Bowden, Attorney, Richmond, Virginia 
July 7, 2011

I have Mark Chin’s e-book, Dumping the Billable Hour, and it is a great resource.

Mark Walters, Attorney, Seattle, WA 
July 7, 2011

On The Constructive Divorce

This is book is great… When starting over dealing with the mass amount of hurt, emotion, the complications of assets, families, children it is easy to put yourself last on the list. Remember that you are the one that is being depended upon by your children and your family, though supportive, are depending on you to pull through. All of this can seem like added pressure on top of what you are currently experiencing… But bear with it… be strong…

Online Comment, 
June 15, 2011


Thanks for accepting my friendship request. Your family law blog is going to be a tremendous resource for me. I occasionally handle family law cases, and I can certainly understand how one could develop a passion for this area of the law. Almost every family law matter in which I have been involved evoked an intensity and focus that other types of cases usually just do not. So I admire your chosen field of practice and the exceptional contribution that you make to our profession by educating many of us, and more significantly, by setting such a high bar of hard work and professionalism.

Your book, The Constructive Divorce, is a particular favorite of mine. I strongly believe that your methods of handling family law issues in a way that “leaves a family left standing, even if there is no marriage” should be mandatory law school material. It is unfortunate that family law is taught, for the most part, without any ethical underpinning. Your practical approach to affording dignity and respect to the family as an institution, and to the children who are forever changed, should be the foundation of every practice.

On a separate note, your website is absolutely amazing! I need to have one developed — what company did yours?

Mississippi Attorney, 2011

Dear Mr. Chinn,

I am writing today primarily to thank you for taking time to write such excellent publications through the ABA. I’ve read each of them, and now follow your website actively.

How to Build and Manage a Family Law Practice inspired me to consider reentering the practice of law in a small firm environment and help people. And I continue to view you and your practice as a model of an attorney I could become.

Thank you again for sharing your story through your publications. I’m currently reading The E-Myth Attorney, and enjoying it greatly. Your book served as a gateway into this chapter of my professional life. My best,

Virginia Attorney, 2011


Read your book about building a family law practice cover to cover on a plane from Fargo ND to Phoenix AZ the other day and just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful resource you have given me. As a fairly new attorney(5 years in practice, 4.5 years into my solo family law practice) this book will sit on my desk from now on and I plan to use it as a gift to some friends and colleagues. It will help me to serve my clients much better.

B.W., Attorney 
Tempe, Arizona

Mark’s third book, Forms, Checklists and Procedures for the Family Lawyer, published by the American Bar Association has received a stunning review from the Michigan Family Law Society. You may read it here.

Mr. Chinn,

I recently finished reading your book for the third or fourth time. I wish I had read it a while back.

Boad Certified Family Law Specialist 
Covington, Louisiana


I read your book and loved it! It is now my guide for my family law practice. I am in a small town in upstate South Carolina. I saw your name as one of Melissa Brown’s contacts and wanted to introduce myself to you. I met Melissa at an Atticus seminar in Asheville and her enthusiasm with Atticus swayed me to hire them as my attorney coach as well. If I can ever be of service, please do not hesitate to call.

Attorney, Seneca, South Carolina

Dear Mark,

Thanks for sending me a copy of your book, ans thanks especially for mentioning me. That is a real honor. I have started reading the book and love it. It is full of sounds advice and solid wisdom, not only for starting a family law practice, but also for living. I wish I had it 30 years ago.

Your friend, 
Jackson, Mississippi


It is good to hear from you. Last August, I closed my practice after accepting a position as Professor of Law at Barkley School of Law in Paducah, KY. By the way, I have been recommending your book to students, especially those who are interested in Family Law or in Opening their own firms. At least two of the students have read the book and found it illuminating. Please let me know if you have any other books or articles forthcoming.

Paducah, Kentucky


Yours was the first book I purchased when I went out on my own, and it is a tremendous resource.

Manhattan, Kansas

Dear Mr Chinn,

Thanks very much for your book, How to Build and Manage a Family Law Practice. I’ve been practicing divorce law for many years, so I especially admire your emphais on maintaining balance, which, sadly, is an uncommon trait among so many of my colleagues.

If you’re ever up this way, give me a call and I’ll buy you a nice lunch.

Tewksbury, Massachusetts

Hi Mark,

I just finished your Family Law Office Management Guide book. I made many, many note for myself and gained valuable information from your experience. I truly appreciate your passion for family law and the critical responsibilities that come with it. Thanks for the interesting and productive read.

Jackson, Mississippi

Your book is wonderful. Congratulations to you — it is a real accomplishment, and will be incredibly helpful. One of my students has been raving about it. She’s reading it simply becasue she’s intersted in Family Law practice and wants to learn what the real practice is like.

Best Wishes, 
Oxford, Mississippi

Here’s my nerdy admission….I read your entire book last night. It sounded just like you, so apprently the rumor about a ghost writer must be false.

I’m having each memebr of my team read it since it will be a wonderful confirmation of our very similar practice philosophy and actions.

Well done!

Tampa, Florida

I absolutely loved your book How to Build and Manage a Family Law Practice. It was exactly what I was looking for as a brand new lawyer.

Thank you,

Pomona, California

Mr. Chinn:

I have just finished reading your book How to Build and Manage a Family Law Practice and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I am a family law attorney in Georgia, and I started my own firm 2 years ago, and I wish I had had this book starting out. Although I did manage to do some things right, your book has given me invaluable and practical advice on how to improve my firm from the ground up. My goal is to build a practice based on client care, legal expertise, respectful interaction with opposing counsel, and an objective to achieve the most amicable solution in my clients’ cases , and your firm is certainly a successful model of what I would like to achieve.

Thanks again for such a thoughtful and well-written book, and best wishes for continued success with your practice.


Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Chinn:

I am in the process of building a family law practice. I recently purchases a copy of your book, How to Build and Manage a Family Law Practice. Your advice and the forms included on the CD with th book have been invaluable. Thank you for your outstanding work.


Jackson, Mississippi

Good morning, Mark,

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I enjoyed your new book. (I had to violate a few of your rules, but I finished the text yesterday.) It was excellent.

Even though I gave up family law and have no plans to return to that field, I still got a lot of good ideas that could (and should) be used in my practice.

Lucedale, Mississippi


Dear Mark ,

The latest column you wrote and published in the Madison County Herald was wonderful. I could relate to this column because my father, whom I dearly love and admire because of his tenderness and toughness, was away much of the time while I was growing up in the footboard of the Delta. He was doing his best to make us a living and we always had more than we actually needed; even though we were considered poor. In fact, I used to steal the Jimmy Durante line from television every night I would go to bed. Durante used to say… Good night Mrs. Calabash wherever you are; I’d say… Good night Daddy wherever you are.

I made a decision in 1990 (not soon enough) not to miss any of my children’s activities; even if business suffered but it didn’t. I wish I had made this decision six or seven years earlier.

Mark thanks for sharing with everyone.

Ridgeland, Mississippi

Mr. Chinn,

Don Little is a long-time friend of mine and he forwarded this article to me. I want to tell you how great it is to hear a story like this. Thank you for taking time to recognize the kindness of the South. We have begun to see “the wave” dwindle in some areas. I reside in Holly Springs, MS, and work in Olive Branch, a 20-mile commute one-way. My daily commute is all backroads, and the wave is still going strong, but mostly among the older and middle-age generation. The younger generation? Let’s just say they ain’t gotta clue. I can relate to your conversation with your daughter. Take care and thanks again for the article.

Holly Springs, Mississippi


I enjoyed your article on Mississippi traditions in the Sun Herald paper. It’s true. Your sister needs to visit more often!

Gulfport, Mississippi


A co-worker just brought me the article you wrote about Dads spending time with their children. I think I have to say this is your best work….from the heart! I cannot believe little Conley is 9….man how time flies! I am happy to see that everything is going great and life is going well for you. I’ll have to drop by some time very soon to say hello and deliver some hugs. It’s been too long!!!

Jackson, Mississippi

Mark Chinn Founding Attorney
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Founder of Chinn & Associates, Mark A. Chinn is a seasoned Jackson, Mississippi family law attorney who has dedicated his career to helping clients through some of the most difficult times in their lives. He is dedicated to using his talent and experience to empower his clients to lead the lives they want to lead.

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