Car Wreck in the Snow
Divorce is a life crisis. We can learn a lot about surviving divorce by looking at people who survive other life crises. Yesterday, a family of 6 was rescued after surviving in sub zero conditions for two days after wrecking their car. Survival experts stated that they made all the right “little decisions” that added up to survival, such as staying near the car, telling others where they were going, and refusing to panic.

People in divorce or other legal crises can learn from this. First, get grounded (stay by the car) and realize the best thing to do is to stay put until you know clearly what to do. Second, involve others who are close to you. Keep the group small though. Third, don’t panic. Carefully analyze with your lawyer what the real dangers might be and when they might occur. (They are not likely to be immediate.) Finally, train your will to survive. A key to surviving is the determination to survive. One of the biggest problems lawyers face is clients who cannot seem to stand up to the fight. The lawyer can’t do it all. The client has to assume responsibility for their part of the fight.
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