The Center for Violence Prevention

Chinn & Associates has partnered with The Center for Violence Prevention in Pearl, Mississippi to bring you important information on Dealing with Domestic Abuse.

The Center for Violence Preventionn (CVP) is a private, nonprofit organization partnering with the communities it serves to provide innovative, quality solutions for individuals experiencing inter-generational cycles of abuse. Serving an eight county area in Central Mississippi (Rankin, Madison, Hinds, Simpson, Issaquena, Sharkey, Warren, and Yazoo) since the 1970’s, CVP is committed to providing a continuum of services to address the growing populations of at-risk children and adults in the Central Mississippi area as it offers an alternative to the continuing cycle of violence, abuse, neglect, and related traumas.

In 2009, The Center for Violence Prevention:

  • Answered 526 crisis calls
  • Provided emergency shelter for 133 women and children
  • Assisted 52 non-residential clients with advocacy and therapy services
  • Provided a state-certified daycare facility to our clients’ children
  • Offered weekly group therapy sessions to shelter and non-shelter clients
  • Provided intensive case management and advocacy services
  • Started the Metro’s only Duluth-certified Batterer’s Intervention Program, which has approximately 50 court-ordered offenders enrolled at this time.

The Center for Violence Prevention
P.O. Box 6279 Pearl, MS 39288-6279
Phone: 601-932-4198 Fax: 601-936-7749

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