Tips For Aiding Your Private Detective

When you meet with your detective, be prepared to share some or all of the following information:
  1. A recent picture of the person to be followed.
  2. Address and location of the following places:
    - Home
    - Recreational home, cabin, hunting lodge, lake house
    - Office
    - Parking
  3. A recent picture, description and any other identifying data of suspected lovers.
  4. Description of cars and tag numbers.
  5. A narrative describing your spouse's routine and habits. When does he get up? What time does he leave for work or take a child to school? What routes does he take? Where does he park? Where does he lunch and with whom? When does he leave work and does he like to go somewhere after work?
  6. Who are his best friends or confidants? Who does he hang out with?
  7. Names of business ventures, partnerships or corporations to assist in government record search.
  8. Locations of property owned for land records search.
  9. Cell phone number and email address.
  10. Copies of any letters, emails, or other materials relevant to an affair or business activities.
  11. Places he visits or travels for business or recreational purposes.
  12. Bars or eateries he frequents
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