There is a wealth of technology available to law firms today:
  • Scanning of all documents so they can be viewed from their computer
  • E-mail, which allows for instant and documented communication
  • Text Messaging, which allows for quick access for clients any where, any time
  • Case Management Software, which allows a myriad of efficiencies such as viewing a case and all communications from any computer, scheduling, sequencing of work on the schedule, access to all contacts, document merger, reminder systems, etc.
  • Document Merger, which allows attorneys to instantaneously draft complicated documents without the use of secretaries or allows paralegals and secretaries to instantaneously draft documents for quick attorney review
  • Remote Access which allows access to all firm computer information from home, or anywhere else
  • iPhones and iPads, which allow for instant and constant communication
  • Cloud Storage, which facilitates access to all documents and communications remotely
  • Computerized Research which allows for quick research and research at remote locations or in court
  • Modern phone and voice mail systems, which reduce staff expense and allow for communication through voice mail.
All of these efficiencies make time irrelevant. Billing for these efficiencies can also create client resentment. Not getting paid for being more efficient is dumb. The ABA Journal ran an article on some of these problems on October 30, 2012, citing corporate counsel frustration with being billed by the hour for receiving a voice mail. Take a look here.
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