For years I have wondered why people put “RSVP” on their invitations. It doesn't strike me as a very efficient way to determine how many people are actually coming to your event or party. I have a friend who recently sent out over 800 invitations to a company party. Two people RSVP’d. Two! And they were regrets! Here’s the thing though: my friend thinks those two people hung the moon. Both of the people who sent regrets, one by phone message and the other by letter, are very busy people. Yet they took the time to send my friend a personal message thanking her for the invitation. You thought the firm party was marketing? Yes, but think about what great personal connection the two “regretters” established. Even though they were letting my friend know they could not come to her party, she knows she has friends who not only care about her, but who have immense personal character. The next time you get an invitation, call the person and thank them for the invitation and let them know if you are coming, whether they ask for an RSVP or not. It will show them how much you care about them and make them feel good.
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