If You Get a Divorce Summons, You Better Get to a Lawyer Right Away!

Legal proceedings are started with the filing of a written “Complaint.” The Complaint is then “served” upon the defendant by a person over 18, along with a written, legal command to appear in the suit by filing a written “answer.” This is called a “summons.” A summons must be carefully read and taken seriously. Any person receiving a summons should hire a lawyer immediately.

I have seen situations where a suit is filed and served, but then the parties have second thoughts and think they might reconcile. But, “WARNING!” That suit is still there. Other people might bury their heads in the sand and hope it goes away. “DANGER, DANGER!” Once you have been served, if you do not answer or appear as required, a judgment can be taken against you without further notice. See, Bolivar v. Bolivar, No. 2013-CA-01352-COA (11/25/14).