Facebook Posts Cost Stay-At-Home Mom Custody

I continue to be amazed at what people are willing to put on Facebook. People should realize that postings on Facebook are really postings to the whole world. Divorce attorneys are showered each day with social networking proof both for and against their clients.

I was amazed the other day to hear of local Facebook postings regarding a divorce and communications between a father and his children. Such information does not belong on Facebook. While people today may not mind having the world know their thoughts, they should know it can cost them dearly in court.

A good example is the recent case of Borden v. Borden, NO. 2012–CA–01258–COA (1/21/14). There, a stay-at-home mom lost custody of her children after the father introduced 75 pages of lurid posts on Facebook by the mom with two different men.

The trial judge stated: “The mother testified that the children are in a stable environment. But they had one before if she’d stayed off the internet and stayed off of her contact with her two boyfriends especially running around on her husband. All of this indicates to me that she really has no stability of the home life.” Ironically, the mother lost custody even though the judge found there was not sufficient proof of adultery! Be warned, what you post on Facebook and other social networking sites can cost you dearly.

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