Be Careful Taking a Hard Line

I am involved every day with opposing counsel and parties taking hard lines on issues and depositions. Often times, clients want hard lines taken such as objecting to extensions of time for the other party to do something. Obviously, taking hard lines or being technical about rules has its place and should be considered. However, all people in all transactions should consider that they too may need some slack someday or they too may need the very thing they are trying to prevent the other party from doing.

Just today, I received a request from a lawyer for forgiveness on failure to comply with a rule for several months. I had never said a word, despite hearing considerable barking from her over the same period of time about my client’s request for extensions as he labored to comply with extensive requests. Many times, not taking the tough stand and not calling others to task about their failure to comply with technicalities is a smart move in the long term and what many people consider to be at the highest level of advocacy.

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