How to Hire a Lawyer Without Being Detected

Most of the time, divorce clients should contact their lawyer without their spouse knowing it. Early advice without detection can be critical. The technology of today has made finding and hiring a lawyer without detection difficult. Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t look for your lawyer on an internet connection traceable to you. Phones, tablets, and computers create a “search history” which can be discovered. Even if you know your spouse will not have access to the particular device, they may be able to see your searches through the cloud or other remote technology. (If you are familiar with it, you can enable “incognito mode” and search without leaving a history).
  2. Don’t call you lawyer on your cell phone. Cell phones leave a call history. Cell phone bills can be checked at any time over the internet to discover call history.
  3. Don’t pay your lawyer with checks or credit cards to which your spouse will have access to statements or computer access to payment records.
  4. Don’t take your cell phone to the appointment, as many cell phones are equipped with GPS which could allow your spouse to track your movements.
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