Can Your New Husband Cost You Custody?

Most people remarry after divorce. If fact, 75% of both men and women remarry in 4 years. The new spouse can become a risk to custody of children. Children can rebel against the new spouse being introduced to their lives. Often times, a new relationship is stormy and this can cause the children to not want to live with that parent, or it can cause a court to step in and change custody.

In the recent case of Summerlin v. Eldridge, No. 2013–CA–00261–CA) (8/19/14), Tamara married Del just 4 days after her divorce from Mike. Del apparently felt compelled to insert himself into the parenting relationship of Tamara and ex-husband Mike. He tape recorded calls between Mike and his daughter and required Mike’s daughter to call him “Daddy.” In one incident, Del confronted Mike’s daughter about her desire to live with Mike instead of Tamara. He became angry and told everyone that they “could all f***king rot in hell.” Dell left the house in a rage and everyone locked themselves in a closet in fear. It is no surprise that Tamara then lost custody.

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