Signs That People Are Hiding Assets or Preparing for Divorce

The following list is not all-inclusive. Moreover, just because one or more of these signs appear does not mean a spouse isĀ hiding assets or preparing for divorce. Innocent spouses, however, should not keep blinders on to the following signs and should be alerted to the possibility of divorceĀ if three or more of these signs are apparent. This list is based solely upon the life experience of a divorce lawyer and not upon any study, survey or scientific research.

  1. Taxes – allow the accumulation of back taxes. Fail to pay property taxes.
  2. Trusts – create family or other trusts.
  3. Purchases with joint assets, such as cosmetic surgery, clothes, appliances, home remodeling, automobiles.
  4. Paying off of debt with joint assets.
  5. Driving up personal business debt with a capital expansion or inventory or equipment purchase.
  6. Purchase of an expensive home.
  7. Leaving cash in a company.
  8. Accumulating cash.
  9. Movement of joint funds to children’s funds, such as prepaid tuition, 529 plans, trusts, and advanced payment of private school tuition.
  10. Paying high retainers to attorneys, detectives and other experts.
  11. Over-withholding on wages for taxes.
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